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Where Are You In Your Physician Journey?

  • Physician Consult

    Valid for 3 months
    • 1 hour call to discuss problem and limitations.
    • ~ 2 hours of optional pre-recorded digital drawing course.
    • 1 hour zoom consult to learn to draw
  • Medical Student

    Course for all medical students looking to learn a new skill
    Valid for 6 months
    • 13-week Course
    • In-depth Exposure to 12 areas of medicine
    • Access to 13 hours of pre-recorded lectures and workshops.
    • Access to library stock folders.
    • Monthly Open Zoom Office Hours
  • Summer Fellowship

    Health Literacy Fellowship for pre-med students.
    • 10-week Program
    • Access to Zoom Workshops and Training with Founder
    • Access to Group Training With Med Students
    • In-depth Exposure to over 8 Areas of Medicine
    • Access to a Community of Pre-Meds From All Over the Country
    • 30+ videos of course material
    • Free Procreate App
    • Health Literacy Certificate
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